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Over the past seventeen years many have shared the unparalleled hunting experiences of the legendary East Pasture.  The Northern Woodland Whitetail genetics that roam this recently expanded 1,400 acres, renamed the Two Hats Ranch, have produced whitetail greats like the “Droptine 9”, the “East East Buck”, “Western Pleasure” and many more.  With the addition of the newly constructed lodge that sits perfectly at the intersection of rustic and luxurious, the Two Hats Ranch and crew are poised to set a new standard in whitetail deer hunting.  

We have been very busy over this past year... 

    As you can see the lodge and the antlers are still a work in progress but construction and growth of both are still happening and will be ready for final inspection this fall! We are all excited to share another hunting season with our guests.   For over 40 years the Bettis Family has been successfully operating in the hunting industry creating experiences in hunting camps from Texas to Alaska.  Throughout those years, the knowledge gained through successes and failures have now enabled us to offer our guests an unrivaled hunting experience.

    Your money and time are very valuable to you and us, which is exactly why at the Two Hats Ranch, we Go Beyond the Trophy to ensure every experience is worth it.  Whether you are considering rewarding key clients, valued employees, enjoying a hunt with your family or just heading to the woods on your own, let Two Hats Ranch handle the details allowing you to focus on what’s important to you; rest and relaxation, the hunt, the fellowship with those you value, big antlers or all of the above!  

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 16665 12 Mile Rd,Big Rapids, MI 49307