The CAMP MUK utilizes the time honored Nessmuk style blade. This knife is made from A2 tool steel. The blade is 1/8” thick and has a cutting edge of 3 5/8”. The knife is 7 ¾” long. This knife will skin and dress anything in North America and handle all your camp chores.   At only $148.00 this is a knife that will truly become a family heirloom.    

Fifteen years ago L.T. Wright met R.W. Wilson at a gun show. R.W. offered to teach him how to make knives.  L.T. started making them as hobby. As time went on he began to sell a few of his creations. After working at home in the evenings after all day at his full time job things became very tiring. He and his wife made the decision to go full time in the knife business. Today they are a true family business with L.T.’s wife handling books, orders, shipping and anything else that gets thrown her way. His daughter handles research, press releases, editing and social media. Surrounded by a small group of professionals each knife is hand made utilizing USA made materials. L.T.’s philosophy of business is to build a quality product, make it the best you can, improve personally and professionally every day and stand by what you create. His two favorite pursuits are hiking and hunting. L.T. says he enjoys being outdoors in nature experiencing God’s handiwork.

Bob Moody is a dealer for L.T. Handcrafted Knives. Please contact him for a full line of available knives and accessories. You can reach Bob at or 231-420-3993. Mention Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship when you purchase a knife from Bob and you will receive a free copy of Bob’s latest book—“LOADED FOR BEAR”.