New Breed of Outdoors Industry Leader

There is a new breed of outdoors industry leader coming alongside of those veteran businessmen who have pioneered great outdoors passion over the past 20 years or so. One such new leader is Hank Parker, Jr. who has followed in his dad's footsteps as a true change agent for the outdoors industry. We are privileged to have Hank Jr. featured on the cover of this edition of The Christian Sportsman

           Richard Jordan, President/Publisher


       Richard Jordan, President/Publisher

This new breed of outdoors industry leader is now  plowing the diamond-hard ground of introducing the many technology accelerators to sportsmen, both young and old, male and female, experienced and even novices. Innovative television production, GPS, trail cameras, knife designs, game calls, odor suppressors, advanced optics, and all-terrain transport represent some of the new gear and gadgets as well as media now coming onto the market.  The astounding success through increased participation among young sportsmen continues to cause the population of game, fish and fowl to flourish. 

Hank Jr. is part of the next generation of outdoors leaders who is introducing to the millennial culture the joy and fulfillment found in the pursuit of hunting, fishing, shooting, hiking, camping, etc. Millennials (24%) are soon surpassing the Baby-boomer (26%) population in the United States. This demographic of 18 to 34 year age group is intriguing to analyze in their outdoors passions, social mores and especially their involvement as followers of Jesus Christ.  

As newcomers and beginner-entry level sportsmen, especially those within the millennial culture, increasingly participate in outdoors pursuits, the industry must adapt to accommodate new ideas and innovations. Hunter Education methods continue to change with online instruction, testing and high-tech field training. Communication techniques among the younger profile are also changing through the use of social media channels and smart phone equipment. Innovative gear and gadgets ranging from advanced GPS to high tech camping equipment have revolutionized the outdoors community in a very positive way. 

    National Shooting Sports Foundation "Shot Show" in Las Vegas


National Shooting Sports Foundation "Shot Show" in Las Vegas

Probably even more exciting is the fact that Hank Jr. is just as passionate and vocal as anyone within the maturing baby-boomer generation in communicating personally and through media his unreserved ambition to acknowledge his commitment to Jesus Christ! 

The bible states, ... and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2

The Christian faith is effectively being past down to the next generation of sportsmen through the millennial culture in a powerful way!

In this edition of The Christian Sportsman you will also read about former Navy Seal and survivalist Brian Heathy who lives a subsistence lifestyle in the remote tundra of Alaska's river landscapes. Also, make sure to review the inspirational  article by Gary Miller in stalking Spring gobblers in Tennessee. 

You may very well be part of the millennial generation, or new breed of innovator within the outdoors industry, who thrives off the change taking place within our culture and economy. The Christian Sportsman magazine welcomes your involvement in crafting future editions through editorial comment, articles, and your personal insights and suggestions on how to "connect" with sportsmen from all demographic profiles. 

Pursuing Life's Adventures,


Richard Jordan