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Faith and Fear of Adventure

When it comes to adventure some may experience an element of fear while others move forward in faith. Perspective determines a man’s approach to adventure. Whether setting out on a mountain trail to enjoy the beauty of God’s outdoors landscape or facing adversities in our personal life, perspective determines a man's approach to adventure. Such challenges may come from financial, marital, medical or any other life experience. Great opportunities arise as we come across friends who need our counsel and encouragement to boldly face life’s adventures with a faith response!

Hunting Whitetail with a Mathews Switchback

Hunting Whitetail with a Mathews Switchback

One such outdoorsman who has learned to walk in faith is featured on the front cover of this edition of The Christian Sportsman magazine by the name of Andy Peterson, a park ranger and avid sportsman living in Colorado just south of Denver. He is not only a man of great faith but is even ready to hike the same mountain trail that just a few years back tested both his faith and fear! Coming face to face with a ferocious mountain lion while hiking down from Carpenter’s Peak, Andy not only encountered the emotions of fear but later discovered a faith that has led him to now address his adverse circumstances in life with more confidence and hope. Of course, when asked about having faith enough to hike the same mountain trail alone, where the attack occurred, he quickly adds, “Yes, but I would make sure to carry a firearm to even the odds!”.

It has been said that faith is the opposite of fear. This may not be the best definition when encountering a predator wild animal but does serve to help understand the meaning behind the word faith. Webster’s Dictionary defines faith as firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Perhaps this can infer that fear could be described in Andy’s lion attack as the likely impossibility of him surviving. Many stories have been told of lion attacks which ended in fatalities or the maiming of their prey! 

The bible states that, “faith is the evidence of things hoped for and substance of things not seen.”  Perhaps we can more clearly understand the definition of a man’s Christian faith through Andy’s encounter branded in the title of his book, “Saved Twice”. This dynamic chronicle describes his adventure in becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. Enjoy the vivid but true story!

In this edition of our publication you will also read about the misplaced faith of many scientists who promote man-made global warming as a fact of documented proof. Of course, they may not divulge that those facts are the conclusion of their own biased research. When their political agenda is unveiled it becomes apparent that it requires more faith to believe in their conclusions than the faith to believe in the God who created the universe and causes the periodic warming and cooling cycles of nature.

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Richard Jordan  Publisher

Richard Jordan




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