Sparta, Wisconsin – After an extremely successful year with the 2016 HALON®, Mathews introduces its

2017 hunting line with three new offerings featuring the highly efficient and powerful CROSSCENTRICTM cam: HALON® 32, AVAILTM and STOKETM.

"This year is all about expansion of our CROSSCENTRIC cam technology," said Matt McPherson, Owner

and CEO of Mathews Archery. "We want to make this extremely accurate, high-speed system available

to all archers seeking a premium shooting experience."


2017 HALON 32


The new HALON 32 is a longer version of the award-winning HALON, providing an enhanced string

angle and superior stability, while still delivering speeds up to 350 fps. Like its predecessor, the HALON

32 is powered by the highly efficient CROSSCENTRIC cam, which employs a partially concentric string

payout and AVS® technology to produce a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy. Its true-center

nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, enhancing shot-to-shot consistency. Outfitted

with the FlatBack GripTM and industry-leading Harmonic Damper® and Harmonic Stabilizer®, the HALON 32 is rock solid and deadly quiet.

2017 Avail

At less than 4 pounds with a 30 inch axle-to-axle and a 6 inch brace height, the AVAIL is compact and provides women truly unmatched performance. Featuring draw lengths that range 22 to 28 inches and draw weight up to 60 pounds, the AVAIL delivers speeds up to 320 feet per second (IBO speed at 30" draw would be 340 fps). Its CROSSCENTRIC cam and AVS technology produce a smooth draw and consistent accuracy while delivering massive downrange energy.

The 2017 STOKE is the most advanced youth bow ever created. Like the HALON 32 and AVAIL, the STOKE utilizes CROSSCENTRIC cam and AVS technology to provide unmatched accuracy and kinetic energy down range. At just over 27 inches axle-to-axle and speeds up to 314 feet per second (IBO speed at 30" draw would be 344 fps), this compact and lightweight bow offers young archers high performance and top-of-the-line craftsmanship.

"With the high efficiency of the CROSSCENTRIC cam technology, the opportunity to create the highest performing youth bow was right in front of us, and we had to do it," said McPherson. "This is the finest youth bow archery has ever seen."

For 2017, Mathews is also offering new finishes, including GORE  Optifade  Elevated II and OpenCountry, as well Under Armour  Ridge Reaper Barren.

Go to for full specifications, finish options, and more information on the 2017 hunting line, and experience them at your local Mathews Retailer.