Feeding the Hungry & Nourishing the Soul

A look at Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry Ministry


The Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry ministry (FHFH) provided over a million meals to those in need during 2015- that’s a staggering 127 tons of meat harvested from deer and elk hunters along with livestock and poultry donations from farmers.

         It’s a one two punch from hunters and farmers aimed at knocking out hunger.

         The group is inspired by a passion for the outdoors and compassion for the needy and is found in 28 states largely built from volunteers.

FHFH Warehouse in Maryland

FHFH Warehouse in Maryland

         FHFH Director, Josh Wilson, said that they are excited to have helped hunters and farmers donate over one million meals to those who need it- since the group’s inception back in 1997, nearly 17 million meals have been served.

         “The Lord has blessed us with this innovative opportunity to share nutritious meat with those who need it,” he said.  “And we are very grateful to our financial supporters, sponsoring partners, chapter coordinators, and volunteers.  Without their faithfulness and passion this work would not be possible.”

There are several ways people can get involved.  Processors can provide the butchering of donated meat.  Anyone can donate funds directly to the group.  Endemic and non-endemic manufacturers can also become sponsors of the program.

Mathews Archery, Inc., has been a sponsor of FHFH for several years and is a big proponent of their mission.

“At Mathews, we’re continuously striving to make an impact,” said Matt McPherson, CEO of Mathews & Mission Archery. “We are all called to help our brothers and sisters in need. Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry does just that and we are proud to support them.”

         FHFH states on their website that one in seven Americans struggle with hunger so the need for the group is there.

         The group is hoping to complete their 2 x 16 Challenge, which would move them to 200 Chapters and two million meals in 2016. To do this they need the support of the public.

         They also are running a Doe Harvest Challenge contest where people in certain areas of the country can donate a doe.  Each donated deer will be eligible to win 20 random prizes from Bass Pro Shops gift cards to other hunting gear.  The contest helps feed people and gets the word out about the group.

         FHFH not only is looking to feed the hungry, but also feed the soul, and focuses on the fact that hunting is a biblically sound sport.  They encourage people who are suffering from spiritual hunger to get in touch with them too… no strings attached.

         To learn more about FHFH to www.fhfh.org