Tribute to an American Hero

by Dave Price

You were the “silent warrior” – the “man, the myth…the legend”. Your accomplishments defending our nation and our way of life were legendary. They became mythical. Your enemies gave you the name “Shaitan Ar Ramadi” – the Devil of Ramadi – because of your effectiveness on the battle field. But the Man was bigger than the Myth and the Legend!

You were a proud and loving husband. Your two children were the lights of your life – your proudest accomplishments. You were a loyal teammate to the men who served with you. You always “had their back” whenever you went into battle. You were a “blood brother” to each and every warrior who wore the uniform of the armed forces of the United States of America and our Allies – past, present and future. You wore that uniform proudly and carried out your duties with ruthless efficiency.

You were the razor-sharp broad head in a full quiver of weapons that the United States military took into war in Iraq. From your over watch vantage point, you supported the proud Army Ranger who humped the terrain rooting out evil. You fought door-to-door with the Marines in Fallujah, Ramadi and Sadr City. You were the silent warrior with boots on the ground for Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force fighter pilots who supported you as long as they had fuel to fly and ordnance to bear in our fight for freedom.

You answered your nation’s call to duty as thousands of warriors have done throughout our nation’s history. You wrote the blank check to the government of the United States as others have done before you for the sum “up to and including my life”. But you did it better than any of us who went before. You did it with a sense of duty, honor and patriotism unmatched.


Your proudest accomplishment was your family – your wife and kids, your mother, father and brother. They will carry on knowing that you loved them and cared for them with the same intensity which you displayed in battle. They will grieve your loss and your absence. Your SEAL brothers, other warriors who fought our nation’s wars before and after you, your family and hundreds of friends will keep your valiant memory alive for them and nurture them through their grief.

We solemnly promise that they will know that you were a loving father and husband, son and brother, a valiant warrior and a man who cared deeply for those who served us…especially during their time of need. You were the best of the best! Our nation owes you a debt of gratitude that it can never fully repay.

You were the Silent Warrior. As you pass through the gates of Heaven we are better men and women for having known you. You are our friend and brother-in-arms. Let us keep your heroic memory alive not only for our nation, but for all of us who knew and loved you. Let us keep your memory alive for your wonderful family. May you rest in peace, Brother. May God bless you and keep you from this day through eternity.